Bleu Melo

A modified Barto/Brady 16' Melonseed
Steve Brookman-Builder

You know it's time to build anew when:
Epoxy stirrers and containers (popsicle sticks and yogurt cups) multiply and start taking over the shop
The list of to-dos on the last boat seem almost manageable
Your bank account has almost recovered from the last build
You spent the last summer sailing, not building, but thinking of the what to build next

First building step is the building the model and since it was winter, and a nasty one here in NJ (2010-2011), it was no sacrifice staying indoors.

All the wood used in the model is scrap from real boats. The hull is planked in spruce.

The keel is doorskin, while the transom is black locust.

The rounded coaming was a real challenge. It will really be one full size. Most likely will have to laminate.

Toerails on the other hand will be easier full scale.

The local hardware store didn't have much for small paint selection, so I ended up with this blue. For now the boat is called Bleu Melo (Blue Melon)

A kick up rudder is a consideration as is not weighing the CB, using friction to hold it in place.

A close up of the rudder. The intention was to make it resemble the traditional barn door style when up.

The CB has a dowel for raising and lowering and a hose is used for friction. If using this system on the real boat may want lines led aft to control from the cockpit.

Thwarts, side benches, which way to go? If this way she would need a removable thwart or stool for rowing.

That's about it, now on to real thing.
Building the 16' Barto/Brady Melonseed