Tom Spider

Tom Spider is currently for sale, see below for more info

Name: Tom Spider
Year built: 2005-2006
Builder: John VanSlembrouck, Stoney Creek Wooden Boatshop, Rochester, MI
Construction Method: Glued Lapstrake
Construction time: 600 hrs
Materials used:  6mm okoume 5 ply marine    Trim:  Mahongany Frames: White oak Floors: Pine 
Stern Sheets: Black Walnut Spars: Mast: Sitka Spruce, boom and yard: Douglas Fir
Plans used: Combined Tom Seeds and Spider
Dimensions: LOD: 14'9" LOA: 18' 5 1/2"    Beam: 56"    Draft: board up 7", board down: 26.5":      
Sail Area/ Race:   180 sf  Pleasure: n/a
Location (current): Detroit, MI
General info: Click here to see a website showing the building process.

Tom Spider lives up her heritage proving all the qualities, character and excitement of Tuckup history. Sailed only a half dozen times, this boat shows all the promise of exceeding the builder’s expectations for speed and sheer sailing pleasure. The most minimal breeze sets a crew of three gliding across the lake. Stronger winds keep all crew alert and scurrying to keep her feet. Two tiller lengths allow for the option of solo sail by only the most experienced sailor. But oh the harmony felt when helmsman and sheet tender work as one setting all crew hiking for the rail. Yes!!! Winds greater yet would call for more crew, up to five perhaps for more ballast. Sand bags wouldn’t be out of order with less, as it could get crowded in the cockpit. A crew of three seems comfortable and ideal considering all. Regardless, the experience is meant to be shared.

This boat was built to mirror the traditional design and detail of the originals. Authentic canvas decks set in white lead, solid brass hardware custom made to original specifications and a flashy paint job that says, “Let’s race.” The sail is made of Oceanus, a fabric used in Tall Ship restoration. The attention to detail is just impeccable. Stuart Hopkins of Dabbler Sails was on the phone with the builder constantly throughout the sail making process. His knowledge and expertise for rigging was invaluable, most apparent in the outcome. The glued-lap construction has chosen to create a lighter hull, providing greater speed, ease of maintenance and trailerability. The spars are hollow to balance with the lighter hull. The mast, built basically solid in two pieces, hollowed before gluing the halves together, only where critical strength was not jeopardized. The boom and yard are hollow birdsmouth construction. The weight reduction here serves well for rigging the boat. The mast is easily stepped by one person and with a carefully thought out system the boat is ready for sail about twenty minutes after arrival at the boat ramp. Of course, that can depends on many questions come from the admirers that walk over to get a closer look. “How old is this boat?” is most common, “she’s just beautiful.”

Tom Spider is currently for sale. Offers beginning at $ 15,000 will be considered. All inquiries, please contact John Van Slembrouck, 248.251.3195,