Sassy Sally

Name: Sassy Sally
Year built: 2010
Builder: Steve Brookman
Construction Method: Glued Lapstrake
Construction time: Winter 2010 spare time??
Materials used:  Scrap wood (pine)   Trim: Black Locust    Spars: Spruce
Plans used: Lofted from Priscilla then used combined Tom Seeds and Spider for construction details
Dimensions: LOD: 30.5"  Beam:  9"  Depth (Sheer to Keel): 4"   Sail Area/ Race:     Pleasure:
Location (current): My home office in NJ
General info: A 2" scale model to use as a guide prior to building one full scale.

Modeling, Not Just for Kids - An article about building this model published in the Delaware TSCA Mainsheet Newsletter, April 2010