Blackberry Seeds
Name: Blackberry Seeds
Year built: xxxx Where: Urbanna, VA
Builder: John England
Construction Method: Traditional Lapstrake
Construction time:
Materials used:  Trim:  Spars:
Plans used: Thomas M. Seeds
Dimensions: LOD:  Beam:  Depth (Sheer to Keel): Sail Area/ Race:  Pleasure:
Location (current):
General info: John built Blackberry Seeds here in Urbanna, VA following the lines of the original tuckup Thomas M. Seeds owned by the Mariner's Museum in Newport News. Mystic helped by providing the lines from their historic records. (Taken by Marion Brewington, I believe).  John lofted himself, did offsets, etc., and built traditionally. Philly helped by providing some of the hardware that was being produced to build their fleet. We had independently started our boats without knowledge of the others. We brought the Blackberry Seeds up to the launching of the Philly boats (will have to check on date of launching) and we all (including Mystic) raced at the 1st Constitution Cup organized by Roger. Blackberry Seeds ended up on the June 1988 cover of Chesapeake Bay Magazine”that was a wild race. We came in first, but didn't actually win since the starting line had slid down the river two or three times before the start they were launching a nuclear frigate that day at Penn's Landing, and the wind was gusting pretty badly under the bridges, so we didn't go back to make the start official. After that, Roger organized a bunch of other Constitution Cups held mostly at the Red Dragon Canoe Club up the Delaware. Tom Shephard and Pete Peters have tried to organize us recently.”Vera England