Delaware River Tuckups

Top Priority on display at the Philadelphia Indendence Seaport Museum


The Delaware River Tuckup, a beautiful, historic and some say, insane, cat rigged sailboat that was a popular racer in the mid to late 1800's. On a given afternoon hundreds of 15' "hikers" of several different classes would hold races on the Delaware near Philadelphia.

The "Tuckup" name comes from the way the stern is "tucked up" which required some twisting of wood and usually a "stealer" plank to make the turn. They were typically 15' in length, 4 1/2' in beam and carried a lot of sail for their size. The sail plans varied through the years and boats typically had two rigs, a racing rig and a somewhat more manageable pleasure rig. They were built lapstrake of white cedar over steamed oak or black locust frames.

Thomas Eakins-Sailboats Racing on the Delaware 1874
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